Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is your shipping?

Swift as a Whisker, Support as Snuggly as a Teddy Bear! 🚚✨

Do you ship internationally?

We believe cuteness knows no borders. We ship globally, so whether you're in a cozy corner or a faraway land, we'll send smiles straight to your doorstep.

What happens if my package gets lost in the mail?

In the unlikely event that your package takes an unexpected detour, just reach out to our magical Customer Care team. They're like fairy godparents, ready to make things right!

Can I return an item if it doesn't spark joy?

Absolutely! We want every purchase to be a burst of happiness. Just contact us, and we'll guide you through the enchanted steps!

Are your products made with magic?

While we can't disclose all our trade secrets, our products are crafted with the finest materials and a sprinkle of pure Vista Amora magic. No kitties were harmed in the making – we promise!

How do I track my order?

Tracking your order is as easy as following a trail of pixie dust! Once your order sets off on its adventure, we'll email you a magical link to track its journey across the realms.

Still have questions?

No worries! Contact Us through the Contact page.